This is my first writing in english, this article shows how to reach borobudur from semarang.

At this sunday 24th August 2008, me and friends get a vacation from our boss. Our destination is Semarang, Semarang is one of a big city in Central Java. But i Know that semarang is the maother town of central Java. Some instititution and government public area are build in this location.

We go to semarang by train, The Kamandanu express is tne train name. The ticket price is IDR 200000. It’s a big price for us, but we have no problem with that. Because we don’t buy the ticket by our money. The ticket is given by boss. Walaaah, Wong Kereee.

The train moves on 10.15 am from Gambir Station to Tawang Station (Semarang). We arrive at Tawang Station at 16:30 pm. No body wait for our coming, yo can guess that we are nothing. We are not a manager, director or head division. So after that we directly move to look for the hotel.

Before try to look for the place to take a rest, we take some picture from “Old Town”. The environment is so beautiful with a big pool. “That’s very-very beautiful” Heri Said. “Yes, this is very nice” I said too.

Those pictures show that we took many shots at Borobudur Temple, just look out !


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